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Patricia King-Ritter

Park Director


The Board of Directors of Evelyn’s Park Conservancy announces that Patricia King-Ritter will end her tenure as Park Director on June 30.  She plans to focus her energy and time on her family as her 3 children transition schools.  King-Ritter has provided extraordinary commitment and effective leadership to the development and growth of EPC since 2013.  She has played a unique and critical role in increasing the Park’s impact and success over the past 7 years while serving as a Board member, Board President, and Park Director. The Board wishes to recognize just a few of the many significant accomplishments achieved during her terms, including:

- Leading the effort to create a vision, mission and strong brand for EPC

- Identifying key opportunities to serve the community in cooperation with City Council

- Leading the successful Phase 1 Capital Campaign and the completion of new facilities 

- Creating a series of variety recreational, cultural and environmental programs

- Creating a vital network of community and organizational partners

- Effectively implementing the Event Center rental program to provide operating income

All Board members--present and past, recognize the special passion, enthusiasm and dedication to the mission that King-Ritter has demonstrated throughout her association with EPC.  She will be greatly missed by the Board, staff members, community partners and many volunteers.  Her work has laid the foundation for a strong future.   An opportunity to share our many thanks will be planned when we can gather together.

The Board is developing transition plans and a search process for a successor director.    

Jerry Wische, Chair, Board of Directors, Evelyn’s Park Conservancy