Enrich your every day.

Our Mission

Connecting us to our
city, to our surroundings,
and to each other.

Nestled on five acres of green space in Bellaire, Texas, Evelyn’s Park offers our community a place to relax, reset, and rekindle connections with the outdoors and each other.

With its beautifully designed spaces and engaging programming, the new park appeals to audiences of all ages and interests—it is at once a quiet refuge and a flourishing place for community, a fresh destination and a perennial part of our city’s history.


Blooms Anew

Before Evelyn’s Park was Evelyn’s Park, the land lay home to Teas Nursery, the very first business of Bellaire. Founded in 1910 by horticulturalist Edward Teas, the eponymous nursery was the beautifier behind many of Houston’s most historic neighborhoods and businesses, from the lushly-lined esplanade of Bellaire Boulevard to the verdant grounds of Rice University.

When the landmark nursery closed in December 2009—nearly a century later—brothers Jerry and Maury Rubenstein seized the opportunity to preserve this unique piece of their community. The pair purchased and gifted the five-acre site to the city of Bellaire, under simple conditions: that it be used as parkland and that it be named in honor of their mother, Evelyn, a longtime Bellaire resident and philanthropist who shared the Teas’ love for the outdoors and the simple things that make it beautiful. To the delight of the community, a new park was born.

Community, Nature and Family:
Bringing our Values to Life

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Today, Evelyn’s Park is grounds for new memories—a safe and charming place to enrich your every day, whether trying a family fitness class, savoring brunch at our new café, or getting lost in a book or a butterfly garden. The park is also a popular event space, with room to accommodate a diverse array of groups and gatherings.

Evelyn’s Park was founded to celebrate the joy in everyday moments, and we are grateful for the generous support of our city, our neighbors, and our Conservancy in welcoming us into the heart and history of Bellaire. Our park will be part of the Bellaire Parks and Recreation system.