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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which features are in the children’s area?

    The children’s play area is uniquely elevated and includes plans for a slide, climbing area and rolling hill. We have selected a natural design and play environment, in lieu of jungle gyms or other manufactured equipment. Of course, the entire park is conducive to child’s play, whether on the Great Lawn or in the many other natural areas of the park.

  • Is beer and wine allowed in the park?

    Beer and wine will be served at Betsy's Cafe, the park café, and permitted during events in the event venue.

  • Which security measures are being taken to keep the park safe?

    The design for the park includes abundant safety and security features, including special lighting and cameras throughout the grounds, as well as an automated lock system for the buildings. Park architects are working closely with the Bellaire Police Department and City Council to ensure neighborhood concerns are addressed and every necessary precaution is taken.

  • Are native plants and trees planted in Evelyn’s Park?

    Yes, the park is filled with native flora, including hundreds of new trees and plants.

  • Are dogs allowed in the park?

    A City of Bellaire ordinance does not allow dogs in city parks. An advantage of this ordinance is that it helps keep lawn areas clean for picnics and play; however, we also anticipate seeking special use permits so that we can offer dog-friendly events from time to time, like Evelyn’s Bark.

  • What kind of events will be held at Evelyn’s Park?

    As coordinated by our programming director, the park will host an array of events, including (but not limited to!) recurring signature events like Pop-Ups in the Park, Family Fit Days, and food truck picnics, as well as weekly exercise activities like yoga and other fitness-oriented classes. In addition to the programmed functions, the event space can be rented for weddings, lunches, parties, and other private gatherings.

  • Where should I park my car?

    Evelyn’s Park has two parking lots. The West parking lot is accessible from Newcastle Street and the East parking lot is accesible from Mulberry Lane. For overflow and major events, the Bellaire United Methodist Church has generously allowed us to use their parking lots, which are directly across the street from the park (on Bellaire Boulevard). Visitors are encouraged to walk or bike to the park when possible.

  • Is Evelyn’s Park Conservancy still accepting donations?

    Yes, Evelyn’s Park Conservancy is continuing to raise money to finalize needed items before the park opens, to staff and ready the park for opening, and to complete the remaining Master Plan features. You may donate online or contact our Park Director, Patricia Ritter to discuss donor recognition opportunities. Thank you for your generosity.

  • Can I make a donation to honor a family member in Evelyn’s Park?

    Yes, we offer numerous donor recognition opportunities throughout the park to make contributions in honor or in memory of friends and loved ones. To see all of our donation options, please visit our donations page. Donations may be made online or by mail.

  • How do I schedule a private event?

    Thank you for your consideration! To reserve an event, please send an email to venue@evelynspark.org and our facilities coordinator will be in touch.

  • How can I get involved with the park?

    Sign up to be a volunteer to receive alerts when new needs arise. Our Teen Ambassadors program is a great way for middle and high school students to get involved and give back to the community.