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The Ivy & James

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The Ivy & James (832-831-6944), the new café at Evelyn’s Park, is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. As its namesake suggests, The Ivy & James celebrates the essential entwinement of community and nature, weaving a passion for sustainably-sourced food with fresh, creative menus that can be enjoyed all day by park-goers. www.theivyandjames.com

The moniker also forges a personal connection to the café’s award-winning operators, referencing the nicknames and talents behind Zelko Concepts, Jamie and Dalia. The Ivy & James will be their second restaurant venture in Houston.

Jamie (James) Zelko
Acclaimed chef, culinary conservationist, beekeeper, and barely 30, Jamie Zelko already shares the limelight with the best chefs in Houston. While she was recently featured on Food Network and noted as Texas’ “Best Up-and-Coming,” the accolades Zelko treasures most are her repeated recognition as a ‘sustainable restaurateur,’ an effort to which she is fiercely committed.

She calls her style “New American comfort,” which she perfected at her popular and eponymous Zelko Bistro in the Heights. Diners (and critics) fell in love with delicious organic cuisine that surprised their palates and certified their belief in Zelko’s down-to-the-last-detail advocacy for local and responsibly-sourced food. Zelko continues to push for greater attention to ecosystems, the agriculture that surrounds them, and the impact positive food choices have in bringing together community—making her newest venture at Evelyn’s Park a perfect dovetailing of expertise, ideology, and the truly delectable.

Dalia (Ivy) Zelko
Dalia Zelko brings to Zelko Concepts a business acumen and international savvy honed over years in the corporate environment, where she traveled extensively and specialized in leading teams in global customer service—a skill set evident in the exceptional service that grounds the Zelko’s continued success. Dalia is also a chemist. Along with a degree in Business Administration, plus certifications in employee development and project management, she holds an advanced degree in Natural Science, and several patents. She founded the Heights Honey Project (where she presides as master beekeeper), served as co-owner and director of Zelko Bistro, and continues to manage the daily operations across all Zelko Concepts. Dalia shares her partner’s insatiable passion for social responsibility, and combines her creativity, leadership and razor-sharp intelligence to cultivate their community-minded ventures across Houston.