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Sing!Sing!Sing! - ZOOM

Mon, 05/04, 7:00pm–9:00pm

You are invited to Sing!Sing!Sing!, a no-audition, no-commitment, live-music, popup singing group, where the audience becomes the choir. Each night, the audience is led by the Sing!Sing!Sing!, (Sing3), music team to learn a 2-3 part harmony arrangement of a particular pop song. Once things are sounding pretty good, we audio and/or video tape our “masterpiece” and post it online. Singers choose the part they wish to sing; lyrics are handed out or projected for all to see. 

Hear all Sing!Sing!Sing! recordings at https://soundcloud.com/singx3. Never perfect, to be sure, but the joy of making them? Fantastic! (Note: always listen to our songs all the way through, we get better as we go along! )

1) Send Barb an email anytime between now and 4pm Monday, 4/20/20. breichlin@swbell.net
2) Monday afternoon, Choirmom will send you the link and
passcode to join the meeting, plus a link to all lyrics.
3) 7 pm Monday night, use your link to join the call!