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* Senior Ambassadors are high-school students with at least one year of prior experience as a Teen Ambassador at Evelyn’s Park and must be willing to commit to at least 20 hours.

Volunteer Waiver

  • Teen Ambassador Waiver

    I, on behalf of the minor child(ren) in conjunction with my application and request to participate in a certain program of activities sponsored or sanctioned by the City of Bellaire, do hereby agree to release, discharge and/or hold harmless the City of Bellaire and Evelyn’s Park Conservancy (EPC) from any and all claims, causes of action, or demands growing out of or arising by reason of my use of the City of Bellaire’s facilities or participation in Bellaire-sponsored programs and/or sanctioned activities.

    I, the undersigned, am the natural parent or guardian of the minor child or children, “minor(s)” as herein named, and as such, do hereby consent to the minor(s) named herein participating in the activities sanctioned or sponsored by the City of Bellaire. I have permitted and authorized the named minor(s) to participate in the activity or programs, and I acknowledge on behalf of the minor(s) that participation in the program and activity necessarily involves risk, including risk of injury, and believe and understand that the participation of the minor(s) as named herein is justified and proper.

    Evelyn’s Park Conservancy and the City of Bellaire Parks and Recreation Department reserve the right to photograph facilities, activities, and program participants for potential future publicity and promotional use, and for any other form of promotion the City deems appropriate. This may include print materials, Internet postings, television, and social networking sites. All photos remain the property of the City of Bellaire.

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